Friday, February 19, 2010

Bioshock 2 in 100 Words or Less

By Kirk Hamilton

Borrowed atmosphere, but a rhythm all its own. The first couple of hours adhere quite closely to those of the original, but then the focus shifts to emergent sieges that are often exciting as hell. The return of the deep colors and lo-fi audio cues from the first game is welcome, and the subtle interface and gameplay improvements add up.

Themes of control and free will are replaced with themes of family and fatherhood, and the story is more powerful for it, if less subversive. Subversiveness is overrated anyway. Kudos to 2K Marin for achieving what seemed impossible.


Steven O'Dell said...

"Kudos to 2K Marin for achieving what seemed impossible."

Strangely poignant given the themes and values of the original game, don't you think?

Kirk Hamilton said...

Ha, very true. An attempt to re-build Rapture does seem like the kind of Quixotic endeavor that Andrew Ryan would've loved. (Golf clubs notwithstanding.)

Looking forward to reading your further impressions, Steven.