Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to Gamer Melodico!

By Kirk Hamilton

Well, then. Thanks to BoingBoing, the über-cool Leigh Alexander, and anyone else out there who's linking, we've gotten a serious uptick in hits today. Actually, "serious" doesn't do it justice - we unveiled the blog yesterday, and today, Statcounter thinks the site might be broken.

So, welcome one and all!  We're a brand-new blog, though we've been working on the framework and concept for the past month or so. We're really looking forward to sharing whatever randommania may come into our heads over the months to come.

In addition to our regular posting, David, our rockin in-house illustrator, and I are working on getting some cool(er) original art up, and Dan and I will be writing and recording some songs in the near future. So, should be pretty good times to come at Gamer Melodico.

In the meantime, please do subscribe to our RSS feed (options are over there on your right, we recommend feedburner), and follow our shiny new twitter feed.  And no need to be shy in the comments... we'd love to hear what you've got to say.