Monday, February 15, 2010

"Would you kindly... help me with the dishes?"

Big Daddy's House
By David Tracy

Game characters, just like soap stars, are subject to serious type-casting. I can only imagine the frustration that Mario feels when he is asked to audition for yet another part as a plumber-in-over-his-head. This is my take on Big Daddy's less-than-successful attempt to break into film. Maybe his upcoming pop album will do better.


Kirk Hamilton said...

Now that I've gotten to play as a big daddy in the sequel, I can't help but constantly picture my avatar in a frilly pink dress. I think that the Splicers have a hard time taking him seriously.

It's all misdirection, though - they start giggling and he shoots them in the face with a speargun.

David said...

The world in Bioshock completely blows me away. I haven't pulled the trigger on Bioshock 2, but of course now I am tempted. I am glad you like your dress!