Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dark Side of the Moon Arranged for NES

By Annie Wright

Drop what you're doing and hit that there play button NOW (unless this will cause you to get fired, in which case you should probably wait until lunch).

Yes, this is the ENTIRE Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, arranged by Youtube user Sakanakao (AKA Brad Smith, who is a software engineer from Ontario and also apparently an 8-bit musical genius). No word yet on how long this project took, but given the way some of the finer nuances are captured here, I am guessing that it must have been fairly labor intensive. And no, Mario Paint was not used, though people are doing some fairly impressive things there, as well.

Playlist links and a full download are available here, as well as more details regarding Maestro Smith's process.

Brad, I hope you are prepared to accept responsibility for the en masse nerdgasm that you are about to cause.


Tim Mackie said...

This is the single best thing to come out of the Internet in years. Certainly the best music-related thing, at any rate. Thank you for sharing this with us.

(No offense meant to Kirk and his Phoenix Wright arrangement.)

Kirk Hamilton said...

None taken, Tim. That Dark Side shit is like an order of magnitude cooler than any PW music could hope to be. :)

I can't believe he made it at all, let alone pulled it off with such creative faithfulness to the source material. Mind boggling!

Dan the Man said...

Seriously, Midi-David Gilmour shreds.

The only thing better than knowing an album virtually note for note is a piece of work like this, where that same level of recognition is applied to make something INCREDIBLE.

StarStuffStudios said...

OMG! I cannot wait to listen to this! Yes.. I commented without listening. That's how much faith I have in your review. :)