Friday, May 21, 2010

Scene From a Plane

An aisle seat, 10,000 feet,
and Portal on my MacBook.

Bathroom's got a longish line;
they watch my game
to pass the time

So I flip through
orange to blue
and wonder:
Gang, how's this for you?

As your bored eyes
pass by my screen,
are you intrigued by what you see?

No audio, no context clues;
a strange parade of testing rooms

The same white walls,
same deadly falls,
same caution signs and energy balls

repeat themselves throughout the lab;
I fear these folks will find it drab!

I hope the fun I'm having's clear;
I laugh at jokes they cannot hear,

furrow my brow like I don't know
the tricks I learned three years ago

 (Though really, there's no need to feign
enjoyment of this awesome game)

I hope they'll check it out; it's free!
and they can fall in love, like we
did and maybe after that, who knows?
They'll see how deep the portal goes...

I catch myself; okay, okay,
I'm getting a bit carried away

Time to return my full capacity
to Glad0s's taunts and Chell's tenacity
and pastries of dubious veracity



Jay said...

Haha great! But seriously, this is TOO weird. I wrote these a month or two ago in an attempt to get some content on a blog-in-progress (very SLOW progress). What do you think, should we start shopping our stuff around to publishers?

Anyway, I haven't played it yet but I downloaded and installed Portal on my Macbook about 3.2 seconds after it was out. I can't wait for my next flight :)

Kirk Hamilton said...

HA - good stuff, Jay!

Portal certainly seems to bring it out of people...

It's a great game for flying, though the single mouse click is, well... problematic. Involves some finger-tapdancing on the trackpad.

It'll murder your battery too, but some things are worth it. :)

Jay said...


Kirk, how do you play games (other than something like Civ) with the trackpad?

I got one of those wireless gaming receivers, downloaded some drivers and voila: xbox 360 controller compatibility.
I can't recommend it enough.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Oh, I was just talking about on a plane, where there's no room for a controller (or mouse). And actually, Portal is slow-enough paced that it works okay with the trackpad.

But I'd certainly never try anything more advanced. Not that I'd really want to run anything more advanced on my poor beleaguered macbook...