Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Armadillo By Way Of Hashbury

Found this in the SF Chronicle yesterday and asked myself, “Where have I seen this guy before?”

And then I remembered that I once handed his ass to him after he caught me cheating at poker in Thieves' Landing:


Jay said...

Dan, your posts need a "like" button or something. While some (like this one) may not exactly evoke a comment-worthy response, there really should be some form of positive reinforcement.

Thumbs up!

Kirk Hamilton said...

That RDR Gang Member looks so forlorn... I wonder what he's so sad about.

Dan the Man said...

Ask and you shall receive, Jay! (Credit is owed to Kirk for figuring it out.) Anyway, thanks for the note, man. I'll take all the thumbs I can get.

@Kirk, I think he's sad because his banjo is out of tune, the local cops are harshing his mellow, and his dog like totally ate all the weed. Or did you mean the one on the bottom?

Kirk Hamilton said...

haaa I hate when my dog eats my weed. I gotta pour one out for that poor simian RDR dude, just morosely smoking his cigarette shedding a tear over his freakish appearance... I think he wishes he had a banjo.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go "like" every single post we've run over the last six months.

Jay said...

Haighters gonna Haight.