Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonderful 8-Bit Thing of the Day

Avast! I've been adrift, scouring the high seas of 8-bit for precious, nostalgic booty! Though I fear the ship of 8-bit wonders may be gradually sinking, I have uncovered this treasure, from the deepest depths of the mysterious East:

I love everything about this, from the perfection of each "pixel" to the creative use of furniture elements. Any aspiring masochist filmmaker who has ever attempted to do stop motion can attest to its utter tediousness, and so my hat is off to whoever made this sweet little number. I desperately look forward to the day when this is the only use I have for Post-Its.


Kirk Hamilton said...

This is

A) totally like a 'roided-up version of something one of my students at school would make


B) legendarily awesome