Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jesse Schell + Gamepocalypse = Video

We've dedicated a significant amount of space here to analyzing and reporting on Carnegie Mellon Professor Jesse Schell's gamification talks. So when I heard that the video of his mid-July "Long Now" talk in San Francisco was online, I wanted to share a link. I tried to embed it but it only allows embedding of the first ten minutes, which is barely enough time for Schell to get started.

So, go give it a watch over at, where they allow for chapter selection and everything.

It really is worth taking the time to check out. I remain impressed by how engaging Schell is as a speaker, and how provocative many of his ideas are. What's more, if you really want to, you can fact-check me and see what I got right and what I missed in my own write-up of the talk.

Best of all, you can finally get a load of Schell's surprisingly capable harmonica chops.
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