Friday, August 6, 2010

Question of the Week: It's... August

Not that we've really had a "down" period this year, but it does seem as though we've reached something of a plateau. After the monster release of a certain sci-fi real-time strategy game, the world has seen fit to take a few breaths before the plunge into the oversaturated-as-usual fall-release season. Finally, an opportunity to catch up on some games we might've missed during the busy first half of 2010!

It seemed appropriate to ask everyone (and you) what games, if any, y'all will be spending the quiet, hot weeks of August playing. After the break...

Annie: I'm knee deep in Torchlight (aka "Steampunk Diablo"), which is great because Torchlight II was just announced. Also, SC2. I was tuning it out for a while in the name of productivity, but I think it's calling my name a little too strongly now. And since I'm finally unpacked after moving, it might be time to bust out the old N64 for some nostalgia: Mario Kart, Goldeneye, and NHL '99, because you cannot go wrong with Steve Yzerman OR David Bowie.

Sam: I anticipate playing a great deal of StarCraft 2 once I get back to Los Estados Unidos. I liked the original, got tired of being Zerg rushed into non existence and quit playing, but enjoyed the attempt at plot delivery. The reviews seem promising, so it's definitely on the list. Other than that, I'm waiting for the Civ5 demo to drop. I'll probably still be (re)playing Mass Effect 2 because I'm both an achievement whore and curious to see how far I can push the game. Speaking of BioWare, I'm going to sit down and finish Dragon Age: Origins because if I don't everyone at Gamer Melodico Headquarters is going to beat me with soap wrapped in a towel.

Kirk: For starters, I resent whatever jagoff wrote that opening copy because it is neither quiet nor hot in SF right now. It is noisy and fog-ass freezing. (Sorry - ed.) (This is weird - ed.) Anyway, I've been over what's on my summer burn-off list, but I'm actually not playing many of those games at the moment. My current slate is pretty clean, as I've decided to devote my singular attention to getting through Demon's Souls. So far, so good - I killed the crap out of that giant blob, finally got to level my character a bit, and now I'm cautiously farming my way through the beginnings of 2-1. Long road ahead, gauging by how often I'm getting skewered by literally everything and everyone. In terms of environmental dangerousness, Boletaria makes Limbo look like that first field in Flower. Other than that, my time on MUNI is split between Dragon Quest IX (so far so rad) and the iPhone port of Monkey Island 2 SE, which for some reason I find easier to play than the better-looking 360 version. I'm weird.

Dan: Starcraft 2, duh. I have yet to pick it up, though, as I'm currently busy finishing up ME2, and facepalming over not having had enough time to pick it up when it was brand new. Renegade Shep FTW! I also feel vaguely compelled to jump back into FFXIII, which started gathering dust around the time SC:Conviction came into my life and hasn't been heard from since.

David: I've been racing! Playing Mod Nation Racers, I think they should have named it Mod Nation Loadtimes. Hey-o! Seriously, you definitely have to kill some time while waiting for things to load in this game. There is some fun to be had, but I may get into baking or brewing my own beer while I wait. I hope to try out 3D Dot Game Heroes and the new, fancier release of one of my top games from last year, Blaz-Blue: Continuum Shift.
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