Monday, September 20, 2010

Center Stage

In addition to visiting PAX to hang with Dan, Annie and Gretsch and write random, awesomely rambling posts for Melodico, I was also there on assignment for Paste. The feature I wrote for them, a lengthy exploration of what I felt the event had to say about the current state of gaming culture, is now online.

My initial plan was to write three short pieces, one for each day of the event. I'd talk about what I'd seen, what games I'd played, and maybe find a separate theme for each day of the convention. However, pretty early on it became clear that a larger narrative was emerging.

From Warren Spector's surprising keynote to the Sunday morning Q&A with Mike and Jerry (a personal highlight for me), it was impossible to ignore the question looming over the massively attended, unprecedentedly popular event. Ready or not, gaming is being thrust to the center of the cultural stage: are we ready to own the spotlight?

And perhaps more importantly, are we ready to share it?

I'm happy with how the piece came together, particularly in that it offers a more fleshed-out counterpart to some of the things I was talking about during my recent appearance on the Brainy Gamer Podcast. Thanks as always to Jason for the great editation, and to Annie for letting me use some of the rockin' pictures she took.

So yeah, give it a read and let me know what you think. And if ya like it, spread it around!
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