Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PAX Was Fon

Hi everyone! So, remember when we said that we got all excited about PAX and said we were going to be doing a lot of posting from the event? ...Yeah. About that. I bet that all you seasoned convention veterans saw that and were like, "Girl, please."

So okay, it was crazier than we'd anticipated. We're decompressing from a pretty damn awesome weekend, and will have some more stuff up soon. I've finished my own write-up and the (much more irreverent) GM round-table is on the way as well. We'll be posting those as they're ready, but in the meantime please enjoy the above picture, which I took at the bathroom in The Night Kitchen at like 2 in the morning.

The cheese curds there were pretty great, but not as great as PAX. The games on the expo floor were fon, but not as much fon as tearing up the town with Annie and Dan. The lines were long, but not as long as... okay, you get it.
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