Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planescaping With The VGC

I thought I'd interrupt our brief "editor-is-in-the-middle-of-moving" break to say how excited I am to join the Vintage Game Club's playthrough of Planescape: Torment. It's gonna be sweet!

The VGC is a web forum hosted at The Brainy Gamer - each month or two, they do group playthrough of an older title. So yeah, it's pretty much a bookclub, except for vintage videogames. I've wanted to join in for a while now, and since I just started PS:T a few weeks ago the timing seems perfect. What's more, I've finally got the game running on my Mac (which took some doing - see a bit more about the specific setup I recommend here), so I'm all set.

So if you, like I, are a GOG-er who is playing the game for the first time, you should join us! Think of it - for the next month or so, a whole bunch of Nameless Ones are going to be simultaneously walking a whole bunch of planes, weaving their unique stories, separate and yet connected via the magic of the world wide web. It'll be epic.
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