Friday, October 8, 2010

Question of the Week: Pride Goeth...

These past few weeks, we've all been wondering the same thing: Is this fall going to be a barren wasteland dotted with uninspiring sequels and franchise cash-ins? Or are there some unexpected gems waiting around the corner? Or maybe a barren wasteland dotted with unexpected gems? Or maybe the gem will involve a wasteland, ifyaknowwotImean? Only time will tell. In the meantime: Question! Of the week!

If you could only play one new game this fall, what would it be?

David: Epic Mickey. The last game I played with The Mouse as its hero was The Castle of Illusion and this was back in the Sega Genesis days. The first time I saw images from Epic Mickey, I thought it was a prank of some kind. Why the Disney Corporation would hand over the Mickey license to someone like Warren Spector is beyond me. Thank you, Disney! I love the idea of a dark and twisted take on the Disney universe and wow, I can't wait to see what Spector does with it. Time to dust off my Wii.

Sam: Mass Effect 3. In seriousness, I'm enjoying Civ V, but I want to try out Dead Rising 2 as well. I'm kind of in a funk because I was deluged with games I wanted to play, an am now slowly working through them; I'm not even sure what's next on the list for this fall.

Annie: There's a lot of stuff coming out later this year or early 2011 that looks really cool, but honestly I find myself most excited about Journey, which is being released by thatgamecompany sometime in Spring of next year. Maybe it's just because I've been logging a lot of quality time with Flower and Fl0w while I've been conducting fiendish experiments on gamers and non-gamers alike (more on this later), but of all the stuff that's slated for release, this is the most mysterious, which is a very intriguing quality for me, gamewise. Jenova Chen seems to be a big fan of taking the whole "dynamic game balancing" concept to extremes, and it is rumored that Journey will utilize this principle in new and interesting ways, which is exciting for gamers who also happen to be huge anthro/sociology nerds. There will also be co-op, and gameplay supposedly becomes completely different depending on how the players interact. Plus from the screen grabs, the protagonist appears to be a Jawa on stilts, which can only be a good thing.

Dan: Just this morning I was driving in to work, and I noticed a little Fallout-guy bobblehead in the rear windshield of another car. Hard to say what it was, but it got me totally excited for Fallout: New Vegas, a game for which my enthusiasm had admittedly flagged by the time I'd gotten a little bit of hands-on experience at PAX.  Something about autumn itself seemed to dovetail so beautifully with the nuclear winter of Fallout 3, and if there's a way to capture even just a little bit of that feeling again this year, I honestly can't wait.

Kirk: Ya know, at least as far as October is concerned, I'm surprised to find myself more excited about Fable III than I am about Fallout: New Vegas. I know, right? I didn't see that coming either, especially when I take this into consideration. But actually, if I could only play one new game this fall it'd be Costume Quest. Something about that game, maybe it's the Schafer connection, or the fact that it'd continue the hot streak that downloadable games seem to be on right now, or the great-looking art by Tasha Harris... I dunno. Something about kids magically transforming into their Halloween costumes to do battle in fantastical JRPG-ish settings just totally rings my bell. Like a mix between that one episode of South Park where they become ninjas and the Buffy Halloween episode where Ethan Rayne comes to Sunnydale and black-magically turns everyone into their costume? You remember that one, right? It's the one where Willow's a ghost and Xander first gets his military training. ...anyway.... uh, yeah, Costume Quest.

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