Friday, December 10, 2010

Inception in Real Time

Last week, Inception came out on DVD. I may have had my issues with the film (as, I'm happy to learn, did a larger percentage of the internet than I may have first thought) but all the same, it was a fascinating piece of filmmaking and a feat of editing the likes of which I've rarely seen.

But regardless of how you felt about the movie, I mega-recommend checking out this video made by YouTube user Weikang, in which he edits together the four layers of the dream in real-time. In other words, the bit in the car plays out slow-ish, the part in the hotel plays out close to normal speed, the attack on the Hoth base plays out pretty fast, and the weirdness in limbo plays at warp-speed. I'm sure that nitpickers can find ways that it doesn't quite work, but all the same it's very cool to watch, and in just four and a half minutes it makes visual the concepts that the film itself had a hard time communicating without resorting to endless terminology and technobabble.

I'll certainly be renting and re-watching it over the holidays, and am curious to see if my impression of it has gotten any warmer or colder over time. At the very least, seeing it at home without the IMAX screen blasting quick-cuts and deafening train-blasts at me every five seconds should make for a more coherent experience.

(Thanks Selma Elmaleh for sharing)
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