Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Onward, Pac-Man!

I really dig Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. It is so purely fun, so addictive, so colorful and so brimming with life that I simply can't stop playing. Every time I'm coming home and think I'll have a minute to play a game, it's my first choice. The menu screen comes up, the kick-ass music gets going, and I'm locked in.

I wrote a piece about the game for Kill Screen's new online site. It's called "Onward, Pac-Man!" and I'm really happy with it. Thanks to Ryan Kuo for working with me to make it as good as it could be; real editors are hard to come by these days, but the editorial process is what makes Kill Screen as rooted and strong as it is.

I'm currently going through Kill Screen print issue #2, titled "Back to School." The height at which Jamin, Chris and Ryan have set the bar feels borderline unreachable, and yet time and again their writers, artists, designers and photographers meet and exceed it. I haven't read everything, but so far I've particularly enjoyed the pieces by Brendan Keogh, Ben Abraham and Mitu Khandaker. Ben's piece "Rough Riders", a beautiful look at the stark outback of his native Australia, stands out in particular. I like Ben and dig his writing (his recent blog piece about analytical vs. rhetorical game criticism is at once impenetrable, delightful and right-on), but I've never seen him push himself to the level he achieves in his Kill Screen piece. That fact speaks to both his hard work and to Chris Dahlen's editorial chops, and it's why every issue of Kill Screen is a collection of writing that will stand the test of time.

Oh, blerg. Enough of me carrying on about the awesomeness of a publication that just ran something I wrote. Give my essay a read; I hope you enjoy it.
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