Friday, January 21, 2011

If I Haed a Time Mashine

Remember that SNL sketch from the mid-’90s, where someone (Kevin Nealon? Rob Schneider?) is having dinner with some acquaintances, and he keeps thinking of great responses to things the others are saying, just a few seconds too late? And then he excuses himself from the table, gets into a time machine, and returns to the table at the beginning of the meal to deliver his punchlines on time?

I just watched this “DOT DOT DOT” video for like the fifth time. By now you’ve seen it, so I’ll forgo the exposition. (If you haven’t seen it just GO WATCH IT.)

But get in the time machine with me for a second so I can go re-make the graphic for last Tuesday’s Question of the Week:

Say whatever you want, my comic timing is impeccable.
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