Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a Mission... Statement

Hello, everyone! As Kirk has pretty much said everything that needs saying, I promise to keep this as brief as possible—I wanted to take just a second to say HEY!, again, as the newly minted editor of Gamer Melodico.

I absolutely couldn’t be more thrilled/honored to take the reins here, and what better New Year’s resolution could there be than “This year, I’m going to play more games”? (Because damn, to even try to fill Kirk’s enormous 101-posts-last-year shoes, I’m going to need to play a LOT more games.)

When Kirk and I first talked about launching this here blog, we had in mind a pretty clear goal to which we’ve done our absolute best to stay true. The mission statement that goal would eventually become has never been a secret and is easy enough to find, nestled humbly off to the right margin of any given page on our site, but in the spirit of reader service, here it is again:
Gamer Melodico is a blog about games, written by friendly people who like to play.
It’s so simple! But there it is, that’s as far as we ever thought this thing through—but here we are cleaning up after our first birthday party, welcoming our newest friendly person into the fold and looking forward to another great year, and I can’t help but feel like it’s a winning formula.

So anyway, HEY! There, I said it. Here’s to new beginnings, awesome opportunities, serial commas, and a brand new year.

Game the eff on,
Dan Apczynski
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