Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thumb Crusher

I recognize the irony in embedding the following video the day after splashing a large PETA logo at the top of a post, I really do.

A friend of mine forwarded me what you’re about to see, and I initially watched just enough of it to get the idea—it’s really kind of amazing! I’m no biologist, but I have to reckon that the frog is acting on instinct, responding to the ant-like visual stimuli the only way it knows how. And while it’s safe to assume that Mr. Frog’s actions only resemble “play” as we know it, the whole thing does sort of make one wonder just how close our own mental processes are aligned when we play whack-a-mole-style games like Ant Crusher—or even more complex games that require fast reaction to visual cues (I honestly can’t stop thinking about Left 4 Dead).

It wasn’t until I started preparing this post that I finished watching the video. Is it possible that the human’s response to the "Game Over" screen is a similar sort of reflexive action?

Because if so, HA. Either way, I believe this round goes to Mr. Frog.
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